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......@@ -273,9 +275,18 @@ Part II consists in a set of guided advanced exercises.
A lot already comes implemented in ALF, but unavoidably, as one proceeds in their own investigations, a new model has to be implemented or a new observable defined -- and for that one has to grapple with the package's Fortran source code. However, in ALF this is made easy by means of predefined structures, templates, and the examples below.
\section*{Downloading the code and tutorial}
To download the code, type \texttt{ git clone\_code.git} in a shell. \\
To download the tutorial including solutions type: \\ \texttt{git clone\_Tutorial.git} again in a shell.
One can use the ALF package downloaded automatically by the Python script in the first part of this tutorial, or manually, by typing
git clone\_code.git
in a shell. And to download the tutorial, including solutions:
git clone\_Tutorial.git
\exercise{Dimensional crossover}
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