Commit 9d964bcb authored by Jefferson Stafusa E. Portela's avatar Jefferson Stafusa E. Portela
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Fix command for running hamiltonian.

parent 2f85f2f3
......@@ -296,7 +296,7 @@ A workflow you can adopt for solving the exercises -- or indeed using ALF in gen
\item Create a data directory with the content of \texttt{Start}:\\
\lstinline[style=bash,morekeywords={cp}]{cp -r ./Start ./Run && cd ./Run/}
\item Run its executable, e.g., serially:\\
\lstinline[style=bash]{$ALF_DIR/Prog/Hamiltonians/Hubbard_Plain_Vanilla.out} %$
\lstinline[style=bash]{$ALF_DIR/Prog/Hubbard_Plain_Vanilla.out} %$
\item Perform default analyses\footnote{The \texttt{} bash script from earlier versions of ALF, run without arguments, is still available in the \texttt{Start} directory.}:\\
\lstinline[style=bash]{$ALF_DIR/Analysis/ana.out *} %$
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