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Linux Mint: Ubuntu based
Arh Linux. Has a couple of derivatives. We will assume they are equal...
Arch Linux. Has a couple of derivatives. We will assume they are equal...
### Other Unices
### Other Unixes
gfortran and the lapack implementation from should be available for
your system. Consult the documentation of your system on how to install the
relevant packages. The package names from linux should give good starting points
......@@ -32,6 +32,27 @@ for your search.
### MacOS
### Windows
The easiest way to compile Fortran code in Windows is trough Cygwin, which
provides a Unix-like environment for Windows. The installer also works as a
package manager, providing an extensive collection of software from the Unix
ecosystem. For convenience, we provide a zip archive containing the Cywin
installer and a local repository with all the additional software needed for
Steps for installing Cygwin:
- Unizip the archive
- Execute "setup-x86_64.exe". If administrator rights are missing, execute it
from the command line as "setup-x86.exe --no-admin".
- In the setup choose "Install from local directory".
- Choose root directory, where cygwin will be installed. In this directory you
will also find the home directory of the Unix environment.
- Choose the diretory "cygwin_ALF" as local package Directory.
- At the "Select Packages" screen, in "Categories" view, at the line marked
"All", click on the word "default" so that it changes to "install".
- Finish installation
- To add, remove or update installed packages, rerun the installer setup and
chose "Install from Internet".
## Editors
For the coding parts of the exercises we recommend to use a text editor.
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