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\BOOKMARK [-1][-]{part.1}{I Just run it}{}% 1
\BOOKMARK [-1][-]{part.2}{II Getting your hands dirty - changing the code}{}% 2
\BOOKMARK [0][-]{exercise.1}{Dimensional crossover}{part.2}% 3
\BOOKMARK [0][-]{exerciseitem.1.1}{Modifying the hopping}{part.2}% 4
\BOOKMARK [0][-]{exerciseitem.1.2}{Adding a new observable}{part.2}% 5
\BOOKMARK [0][-]{exerciseitem.1.3}{The SU\(2\) Hubbard-Stratonovich transformation}{part.2}% 6
\BOOKMARK [0][-]{exercise.2}{Defining a new model: The one-dimensional t-V model}{part.2}% 7
\BOOKMARK [0][-]{exerciseitem.2.1}{Define new model}{part.2}% 8
\BOOKMARK [0][-]{exerciseitem.2.2}{Challenge}{part.2}% 9
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