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write 2-3 sentences what your code does.
Especially try to explain in some sentences what the purpose of the code is.
## About this template:
This template can serve as a basic template for compiled languages.
It shows the integration of
- Cmake for build system
- doxygen and sphinx for Documentation
- CMake and CTest for a nice Output in the gitlab-CI dashboard
- SWIG for interfaces to other languages
- PlantUML for accessing nice diagrams
- gitlab-CI for portability testing.
- git for Version Control.
## Author
Who are you?
......@@ -58,6 +70,8 @@ which will by default build all possible targets.
## Testing
Think about incorporating tests into your program.
This template shows how to use CTest here. We also show how we get nice output in the
gitlab-CI dashboard.
Ideally you can include them into gitlab's CI pipeline:
We provide some Docker images you can use for your environment here:
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