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Another attempt at happifying PGI17

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......@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ subroutine HomogeneousSingleColExp_init(this, nodes, nredges, mys, weight)
localzero = 1E-15*frobnorm(my1, my2, nodes(i)%axy) ! definition of my local scale that defines zero
if (abs(my1-my2) > localzero) then
write(*,*) "[HomogeneousSingleColExp_init]: Unequal diagonals found. This should not happen here."
error stop 1
stop 1
if (abs(my1+my2) < localzero) then
write(*,*) "[HomogeneousSingleColExp_init]: Zero diagonals found. There is a better class for that."
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