Commit 3b3d9857 authored by Florian Goth's avatar Florian Goth
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modify method 32 to depend on its free parameter

parent 55baff95
......@@ -392,8 +392,8 @@ splits(30)%Tcoeffs(17) = splits(30)%Tcoeffs(1)
! CHR_3 3 My first own third order method, designed to be a hermitian sequence of Operators
call createsplit(splits(32), 4, 4)
beta = 1.D0/3.D0
splits(32)%Tcoeffs(1) = 1.D0/24.D0*CMPLX(3.D0, -Sqrt(3.D0), dp)
splits(32)%Tcoeffs(2) = 1.D0/8.D0*CMPLX(3.D0, Sqrt(3.D0), dp)
splits(32)%Tcoeffs(1) = 1.D0/12.0*CMPLX(6+1/(beta*(beta-1)), -Sqrt((2*beta-1)*(-1+6*beta*(beta-1)**2 ))/(beta*(beta-1)), dp)
splits(32)%Tcoeffs(2) = 1.D0/(12*beta*(beta-1.0))*CMPLX(-1.0, sqrt((-1+6*beta*(beta-1)**2 )/(2*beta-1.0)), dp)
splits(32)%Tcoeffs(3) = conjg(splits(32)%Tcoeffs(2))
splits(32)%Tcoeffs(4) = conjg(splits(32)%Tcoeffs(1))
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