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improve docs of CenterContainer

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......@@ -45,34 +45,34 @@ try:
# Note to self, think of numpy in the alternative implementation
self.maxlinlength = linlength# the maximum linear length
self.dangle = 0.1 # controls the width of the angle interval and is adapted by repeated searches
self.centers = SortedList([HTCenter(r, phi)])
def add(self, z):
Add z to the container.
z (complex) A complex number. should not be 0+0*I...
z (complex): A complex number. should not be 0+0*I...
def __len__(self):
Returns the length of the container and should enable use of the len() builtin on this container.
return len(self.centers)
def fp_has(self, z):
Checks whether a representative of z has already been stored.
z (complex): the number to check.
true if a number that is as close as 1E-12 to z has already been stored
else false.
else false. 1E-12 is deemed sufficient since on the hyperbolic lattice the numbers pile up near |z| ~ 1
nangle = math.atan2(z.imag, z.real)
centerarray_iterator = self.centers.irange(HTCenter(1, nangle*(1-self.dangle)), HTCenter(1, nangle*(1+self.dangle)))
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ except ImportError:
Add z to the container
z (complex) A complex number. should not be 0+0*I...
z (complex): A complex number. It should not be 0+0*I...
temp = HTCenter(z)
pos = bisect.bisect_left(self.centers, temp)
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