Commit e3b89c85 authored by Manuel Schrauth's avatar Manuel Schrauth
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fix bug introduced in last commit and unify nn algorithm outputs

parent 328625f2
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ class HyperbolicTiling:
# assign each polygon a unique number
for num, poly in enumerate(self.polygons):
poly.idx = num
poly.idx = num + 1
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ import numpy as np
from .distance import weierstrass_distance
# wrapper to provide a nicer interface
def find(tiling, nn_dist=None, which="optimized_slice", output_type="array", verbose=False):
def find(tiling, nn_dist=None, which="optimized_slice", verbose=False):
if nn_dist == None:
if verbose:
......@@ -19,22 +19,6 @@ def find(tiling, nn_dist=None, which="optimized_slice", output_type="array", ver
retval = find_nn_slice(tiling, nn_dist)
print("[Hypertiling] Error:", which, " is not a valid algorithm!")
# raw output; includes the search point
if output_type == "array":
return retval
# nicer output as a list; search point is removed; also indices start from 0
elif output_type == "list":
nbrs = []
for i, nb in enumerate(retval):
arr = np.array(nb)
arr = list(arr[(arr>0)]-1)
return nbrs
print("[hypertiling] Error: Invalid output format specified.")
......@@ -42,15 +26,15 @@ def find(tiling, nn_dist=None, which="optimized_slice", output_type="array", ver
# find nearest neighbours by brute force comparison of all-to-all distances
# scales quadratically in the number of vertices and may thus become prohibitively expensive
# might be used for debugging purposes though
def find_nn_brute_force(tiling, nn_dist, eps=1e-5):
def find_nn_brute_force(tiling, nn_dist, eps=1e-8):
retlist = [] # prepare list
for i, poly1 in enumerate(tiling.polygons): # loop over polygons
for poly1 in tiling.polygons: # loop over polygons
sublist = []
for j, poly2 in enumerate(tiling.polygons):
for poly2 in tiling.polygons:
dist = weierstrass_distance(poly1.centerW, poly2.centerW) # compare distances
if dist < nn_dist + eps: # add something to nn_dist to avoid rounding problems
if i is not j: # avoiding finding A as neighbor of A
if poly1.idx is not poly2.idx : # avoiding finding A as neighbor of A
return retlist
......@@ -139,7 +123,16 @@ def find_nn_optimized_slice(tiling, nn_dist, eps=1e-5):
neighbors[1+ind+n*pps] = row # fill the corresponding row in the neighbors matrix
neighbors[0, 1:] = nn_of_first # finally store the neighbors of center polygon
return neighbors
# transform to list and remove self
nbrs = []
for i, nb in enumerate(neighbors):
arr = np.array(nb)
arr = list(arr[(arr>0)])
return nbrs
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