Commit cd878ecc authored by Manuel Schrauth's avatar Manuel Schrauth
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parent c6db2f3e
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ def refine_lattice(tilingobj, n): # n is the number of refinements
# one "mother" triangle bears 4 "children" triangles, one in its mid
# and three that each share one vertex with their mother
child = HyperPolygon(p, q) # the center triangle whose vertices are the newly found refined ones
child.verticesP = ref_vertices
child.verticesP = np.array(ref_vertices)
child.centerP = pgon.centerP # the center triangle shares its center with its mother
child.centerW = p2w(child.centerP)
child.number = 4*num+1 # assigning a unique number
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