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......@@ -182,14 +182,14 @@ stuff done on sunday:
- successfully installed gitlab-runner on wtpp027
Stuff for week-2
- mgmt connection
- mgmt connection -> DONE. now we only need more cables: 14
- mgmt of wtpp008, currently no reply. -> fixed improper cable connection
- mgmt of wtpp013 -> fix p/w
- mgmt of wtpp013 -> fix p/w won'tfix. now option in bios
- figure out precise configuration of wtpp014
- matrix31-matrix34 sind online-> nachsehen welche im Cluster Netz und welche im MGMT Netz sind.
- 3com switch set to u/n admin, p/w admin, ip:
- check network: (this was different on wtpp020 nd wtpp014)
- wtpp015 - wtpp017
- wtpp015 - wtpp017 -> RZ received a mail.
- cluster
- matrix19-22
- matrix23+matrix24
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