Commit 47e2abec authored by Thorsten Ohl's avatar Thorsten Ohl
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UFO: more 4 gluon sanity checks

parent ae98bd20
......@@ -1479,11 +1479,10 @@ i.e.
( UFOx.Lorentz.to_string (Array.to_list t))));
((p.(0), p.(1), p.(2)), dummy_tensor3, dummy_constant)
let translate_lorentz_4_1 model p t =
let module L = UFOx.Lorentz_Atom in
match t with
| _ -> failwith "translate_lorentz_4_1"
(* Use the fact that $g_{\mu\nu}g_{\kappa\lambda}$ is symmetric in the
interchanges $\mu\leftrightarrow\nu$, $\kappa\leftrightarrow\lambda$
and $(\mu\nu)\leftrightarrow(\kappa\lambda)$ to normalize the
index positions: *)
let normalize_lorentz_4_1 (mu, nu, ka, la) =
List.flatten (List.sort ThoList.lexicographic
( (List.sort compare) [[mu; nu]; [ka; la]]))
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