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Resolve "Include MSCBDECOMP + higher order checkerboard"

Florian Goth requested to merge 175-mscbdecomp into master

Closes #175 . This now has the basic functionality that I wanted to implement:

  • Automatic Decomposition
  • A selection of approximations to the exact exponential.

To that end a new section in the parameter file has been added.(See Scripts_and_parameters) possible values for method:

  • 0: Disable it
  • 1: S_1 1 Euler Approximation
  • 2: S_1 2 Strang splitting
  • 3: SE_2 2 splitting by Blanes et al. (2014)
  • 4: S_3 4 splitting by Neri(1987), Forest(1990), Yoshida(1990)
  • 5: S_6 4 splitting by Blanes et al. (2002)

The Euler Approximation tends to be unstable(Hubbard, N=4 -> N=6 -> N=8), the others always worked.

unimplemented things:

  • projector matrix P assumes P(i) == i -> ignored

General assumptions:

  • Op_T constitutes a hermitian matrix. By this Op_T%g has to be real.
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